alcohol and bodybuilding

Alcohol and Bodybuilding

Alcohol and bodybuilding are incompatible, since alcohol has a negative effect on the growth of muscle mass.

The impact of alcohol on muscle growth

Although a lot has been said about this, I think it will not hurt to consider this issue again. I’ll try to talk about this in simple words, bypassing medical and professional terms.

Many simply do not suspect what harm alcohol can have on those who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. They do not even suspect that alcohol is strongly discouraged from eating 12 hours before the start and the same 12 hours after the bodybuilding training session.

Of course, it’s much better not to use it at all, unless of course you value your result. It’s not a secret that alcohol destroys the protein contained in the muscles. But to keep the protein in these very muscles was spent so much effort. That is, the muscle is likely to have the same volume, but its density will decrease. And so on until the next intake of alcohol. And after a while the muscle will start to decrease rapidly.

alcohol and bodybuilding

Do you know why the belly grows from beer?

  • First, it is very caloric, even unnecessary. That is, these are exactly those extra calories that your body will be able to cope with with certain costs. This is because your body did not count on these calories. Of course, he will cope with this surplus, but the efforts spent on it will be taken to the detriment of other costs, more necessary and useful.
  • Secondly, with the use of any alcohol, and in the smallest doses, the metabolism slows down in the body, the process of burning the accumulated fat stops. Instead, your body resorts to a simpler way of getting fuel for your needs – it’s to use energy from your own muscles. As a result, muscle mass decreases, and as a result, the fat layer grows.

In addition, in the majority of alcoholic beverages, beer in particular, includes plant substances, close to female sex hormones. It is these substances that provoke the development of obesity by the female type. That is, fat begins to accumulate on the abdomen and hips.

And we do not touch such well-known topics as problems with the liver, kidneys and other things.

How alcohol affects muscle growth

It has long been known that the effect of alcohol inhibits the production of growth hormones and testosterone, and this has a very negative effect on muscle growth and even on the potency. In addition, the body tissues are dehydrated and begin to dry up. This process is quite fast, since our muscles consist mainly of water. At 75%, as claimed by science.

After all, even small doses of alcohol inhibit the synthesis of protein for several hours. And without important amino acids, the body begins to use its own energy reserves, thereby removing nutrients from the muscles. All this leads to the fact that the muscles, with such difficulty built, are destroyed.

No less harmful alcohol and after training in bodybuilding. The fact is that within four hours after training a so-called carbohydrate window opens, and all the nutrients consumed go to the restoration and growth of muscle tissue. Any intake of alcohol at any dose in the 12 hours before and after the workout, disables these processes at this time.

And I want to note that training during this period are not just useless for sports achievements. Training after taking alcohol is simply harmful. After all, alcohol draws amino acids out of the body, and this forces your body to eat up muscles that are so hard to replenish the energy balance.

The combination of alcohol, diets and calories

How are they combined? In addition to the three main nutrients – proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, another source of energy is known. It’s alcohol. But, as you know, proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain substances useful for the life of the body. Unlike them, alcohol is pure calories that immediately turn into fat.

It is known that one gram of pure alcohol contains at least 7 calories, which is twice as much as it is contained in carbohydrates and proteins, that is, almost as much as in fat.

In addition to this, all kinds of alcoholic cocktails and liqueurs contain a lot of sugar, and their calorie content is even higher.

Bodybuilding can affect the human body both positively and negatively. Just like any sport has its pros and cons.

First I will list the positive effect of bodybuilding:

1. Increasing strength, making physical exertion even not significant, your strength begins to increase gradually.
2. Growth of muscle mass, doing bodybuilding, you are doing loads on the muscles with barbells, dumbbells and other weights, which causes microdamages in muscles that are healed by protein, and their growth takes place.
3. Increasing endurance, while exercising in sports, a person also has endurance, he is no longer so tired from the wound of physical work.
4. Immunity is raised, your health is better, you are less likely to get sick of colds or even stop getting sick.
5. While doing bodybuilding you get rid of excess fat, the body becomes beautiful, the muscles become tight, the skin is smooth and stretched elastic.
6. Your self-esteem rises, because you have changed your body now look better, stronger, healthier and more satisfied.
7. During training, the hormone of happiness endorphins is produced because of which the athlete feels very good and pretty.

Slow down the process of metabolism and fat burning

The conducted studies show that even when taking one shot of vodka, the process of fat burning in our body decreases by more than 75% for a period that takes up to 9 hours. Add to this that alcohol can significantly slow down the metabolism in the body.

As a result, the body receives more calories than it needs, and all these calories are stored in fat, and the body stops using its existing fat stores for energy production for 9 hours, preferring it to an easier process, eating its own muscles.

And in this mode the body works at least one day after drinking alcohol. And training in bodybuilding, conducted by you at this time, will only do you harm, as they will cause loss of muscle mass. Especially if you consider that alcohol in the blood can be traced even after 3 days, and from the body it is excreted within 27-28 days.

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