Clen 40mgc (100 pills)

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Application: oral

Strength: 40mcg

Packing: 100 tablets

Product Description

Clenbuterol in UK is so famous cause it provides rapid increase in weight loss: Consumption of Clen in right and prescribed manner can show its results within a month. But here, it should be mentioned that healthy diet is important during its cycle that is high in protein with low calories and fat, also plenty of water should be taken.

Clenbuterol is better option than steroids in UK: Unlikely than harmful steroids which can cause cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, heart burns, palpitations, hypertension, etc. Clen fulfils the desire of a person of weight loss and increase in muscle strength without mentioned side effects. Hence it’s much safer than such harmful drugs.

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Astralean (40mcg by Alpha Pharma) – One of most popular steroid brand all over the world famous for its quality: JUST £18 PER 50 PILLS (£0.36 per pill)

Clen-Max (100 Clenbuterol 40mcg pills by Maxtreme Pharmaceuticals) – also world known brand. This package is famous for its price and quantity: £25 per 100 pills (£0.25 per pill)

Klenprime 40 – also quality brand and popular among those who wish just to try Clen for the first time and does not want to spend a lot – £13 per 50 pills (£0.26 per pill)

Klenprime 60 Clenbuterol by Eminence Labs of 60mcg dosage – for advanced Clen users – £16 per 50 pills (£0.32 per pill)

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