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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Methandienone Oral
Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)

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Methandrostenolone is one of derivative forms of testosterone. It is the second steroid manufactured after the development of synthetic testosterone. It is a well-known oral compound used by both beginner and professional bodybuilders. Methandrostenolone can promote effective results on its own, also it can be combined with other steroids such as Testosterones or Deca. Such snack promotes very potent beneficial effects on the body.

Methandrostenolone is an aromatizing steroid. For these reason the side effects associated with estrogen can be expected to occur. Gynemastia is one of the estrogen related side effect and it can be faced when estrogen levels be exceeded. Most basically Gynemastia is the breast enlargement. Due to prevent such a side effect to be occurred anti-estrogen drugs can be used additionally. For example Nolvadex may minimize the risk and relieve the condition. Anti-aromatases are also alternative drugs to prevent such issues. Arimidex, Femara and Aromasin are belong to anti-aromatases drug type. The other side effects related to the estrogen release are water retention and blood pressure. They both should be avoided especially by bodybuilders. Because of this type of side effects it is not commonly used in a cutting cycles. Besides that, it is not recommended to use Methandrostenolone for more than six weeks due to its adverse effects on the liver.

Methandrostenolone results: what Danabol DS dosage works best with minimal side effects

However, the user should keep in mind this fact that not all effects of Methandienone are positive for everyone and anyone. One of the known side effects of Danabol DS (Methandienone) is the stress it causes to the user’s liver. But all the effects are short lived and the user’s liver returns to normal condition in no time after the Methandienone cycle concludes. There are other estrogenic effects as well whose risks can be reduced if Danabol DS (Methandienone) is consumed with an anti-estrogen. The side effects of Danabol DS (Methandienone) would also include gynecomastia, salt and water retention, high blood pressure, oily skin, facial hair and acne which may not occur as severely as expected by many. The drug also constitutes of mild androgenic whose high doses may result in some hair loss. Danabol DS (Methandienone) may also lead to changes in disposition like the user may act more aggressive and irritated or in some cases may go into complete depression state.

Methandrostenolone only cycle

Stacking this steroid with other anabolics needs great attention and care. The desired result of Danabol DS use is not long in coming: athletes immediately feel a noticeable effect (in three to four weeks after the cycle start). In the mean, it is recommended to take thai Dianabol DS up to 4-6 weeks immediately after a meal, putting tablet under the tongue. It should be said that, daily dosage should be divided into two or three times. If you need to choose different cycles we’d recommend you Methandrostenolone only cycle.

Danabol DS 10 mg from Body Research simply is highly effective in low doses (25-40 mg ed). Some say Anadrol, a comparable steroid to methandrostenolone, is better, but its taken in doses of 50-150 mg. If one was to take methandrostenolone in those doses better gains could be expected. Methandrostenolone is also a lot safer in as opposed to the highly toxic and progestagenic anadrol. If one takes into account that the half-life of methandrostenolone in the body is only 3-6 hours, this theory makes even more sense. So taking your daily dose spread over 3 or 4 doses may elicit a better effect than only 1 or 2 doses. Methandrostenolone is quite effective in these lower doses by the way. Milligram for Milligram its more powerful than a testosterone ester, generally considered the best mass-builder.

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