First steroid cycle

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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Testosterone Cypionate + Clomiphene Citrate + Tamoxifen Citrate
Package: Testocyp 250mg (20 amp.) + Promifen 50mg (50 tab.) + Altamofen 20mg (50 tab.)

Product Description

What dosages should I use on my first year?

The best choice is to use the minimum operating dosage. Even they will be anabolic by several times greater than those hormones that secrete the body. In the first year, the sensitivity of the receptors to hormones is very high, and the response will be good in any case.

After a few months, the cells adapt to a new level of hormones, and the effect of AAS is greatly reduced. To make the steroids work again, you need to increase the dosage. This method is practically unsuitable. As soon enough for progress it will be necessary to introduce huge dosages of steroids, and even they will not work well. In this case, side effects will appear more vividly.

To make the drugs work well, and the hormonal system had time to come to normal, use the AAS course. The break between the courses is approximately equal in time to the duration of the course.

Post-course therapy (PCT)

Post-course therapy is a complex of measures aimed at the speedy transition of an organism to the regime of work outside the course. First of all, this is the restoration of its own production of testosterone, the improvement of the GENERAL STEROID CYCLES liver, the cleansing of the body. Since steroid courses for beginners are easy and virtually devoid of side effects, it is enough for them only one additional drug – tamoxifen.

Weeks 1-10 Testosterone Cypionate – 500mg/week

With proper nutrition and training program you may gain from 10 to 20lbs with this cycle.


Day 1 – Clomid 150mg –  in three divided doses.

Day 2 – Clomid 100mg –   in two divided doses

Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg  – before bed

1-4 weeks – Nolvadex 20mg a day