Methandienone Injection


Manufacturer: GENESIS
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: methandienone injectable
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product Description

Methandienone Injection is a highly effective anabolic steroid used in liquid form. Methane contributes to a large and fairly rapid muscle growth due to such an active substance as Dianabol (Methandienone).


  • Insensitivity to globulin (a protein that binds steroid hormones). Thus, the level of free testosterone will depend directly on the dose of methandrostenolone taken. The body can not bind this testosterone, reduce its activity.
  • Significant anti-catabolic effect.
  • Incredibly fast recovery, accumulation of glycogen in muscles, liver.
  • The synthesis of creatine phosphate, as well as dopamine (directly affects the appetite, sleep, libido).
  • Increased erythropoiesis (more simply, an increase in the production of red blood cells, which entails a greater supply of oxygen to the body, and an improvement in the transport function of blood at times).
  • The accumulation of articular fluid in an increased amount (the joints will be much better lubricated, which means less wear).


Liquid methane is an indispensable drug in any cycle by mass recruitment. It is used by its bodybuilders, professional athletes and beginners in the first mass-gathering course. For one cycle, it is realistic to collect up to 10 kg of muscles. Liquid Dianogether:

  • Strengthens the bones;
  • Stimulates the active formation of sexual characteristics;
  • Burns the fatty layer;
  • Increases endurance;
  • Accelerates the synthesis of protein.

Tangible results are noticeable very quickly – after 6-8 weeks. Methandienone quickly enters the blood in full, is not toxic, safe, even in large doses does not destroy the liver.


  • Does not stabilize the androgen receptor in the traditional way. That is, methane almost does not join the androgen receptors that are inside the muscle cell, and does not trigger the standard protein synthesis;
  • A certain toxicity for the liver is present;
  • Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract (manifested as heartburn);
  • Conversion to 17-methyl-estradiol (there is a risk of gynecomastia, as well as excessive fluid retention, fat accumulation somewhat higher than that of testosterone).


The direct effect of Injection Methane lasts 2 days. From the second day already increases appetite and begins to retain fluid in the body, muscles are pumped up with blood, and work capacity in training and recovery is at height.

By the end of the first week, the water retention began to work much less, the veins protrude, a sudden and completely independent erection appears.

After the abolition of methane, on the second day, all sensations fade significantly, weight and volume decrease. Thus, injection methane deserves attention, of course, a huge mass of muscles on it can not be typed, but for the explosion of results it will perfectly suit.


It is recommended to take injection methane 50-100 mg every other day (in one bottle 10 ml = 1000 mg). Thus, the ampoule is enough for 10-20 injections. For the first course of anabolic dosing is desirable to reduce by half. The PCT uses clomid or tamoxifen. Dosage directly depends on the total body weight, therefore it is calculated individually. The intake of methane is up to 6-8 weeks.