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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Oxandrolone
Package: 10 mg/tab. (50 tab.)

Product Description

Obviously, Oxandrolone Tablets, as one of the representatives of steroids, immediately took its place in the sport. Since then, the drug is used by many athletes, its popularity has greatly increased. History knows even the times when the drug could not be found, as it was swept away like hot pies, the demand greatly exceeded supply. To date, this problem has ceased to be relevant, as the production of the drug has increased, athletes can easily find it. On the market there are many preparations of different brands and from different producing countries. Before. How to proceed to a more detailed description of the drug, it is advisable to warn that it is not among the “affordable” in terms of pricing, so the cost of the course will not be the cheapest.

Effect and application

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is considered one of the best drugs for use by women, since it does not provoke masculinization in moderate doses, although with an increase in dosage this effect is unlikely. Oxandrolon is best for those who want to increase the power capabilities and buy a couple pounds of good muscle mass. The increase in strength is due to the synthesis of creatine phosphate. Muscles athlete does not accumulate water, which makes it possible to increase the force without sudden jumps in mass. For many athletes, this is very important, because it allows you to increase your strength without changing the weight category.

Combined Oxandrolone course

Oxandrolone in a solo course can provoke a more or less strong jump in weight only in beginners, whose body is not yet accustomed to the use of steroids, but if you correctly combine Oxandrolone with other drugs, you can mutually reinforce their effect and get an excellent result in the form of an increase in body weight. Oxandrolon is perfectly combined with almost all steroids, while it produces a strong synergistic effect (it enhances the effect of another steroid in the mass-gathering process, in turn, another steroid increases the effect of Oxandrolone in the addition of force). If you are a beginner, for you a great combination will be a bunch of Oxandrolone + Primobolan (or Boldenon). This combination will increase the power capabilities, it can gain a decent weight, in addition – it will be relatively safe in terms of side effects. Those who have already taken steroids (in particular Oxandrolone) can undergo a combined course of Sustanon (250-500 mg / week) and Oxandrolone (30-40 mg / day). Many will ironically look at this combination, believing that Oxandrolone does not belong in conjunction with such a strongest steroid as the Sust, but with such a combination Oxandrolon reveals its power potential, while helping Sustanon to work more effectively. It’s not difficult to understand that in this couple Sustanon is responsible for the growth of muscle fiber, recovery processes and strength indicators, and Oxandrolone intensifies these effects several times.

Specificity of results

If you leave the professional bodybuilding industry and stop at non-professionals and athletes with a good muscle weight (“for those over 100”), then the drug will help to save the already gained mass with a fat burning cycle. And they can use not only men, but also girls, not being afraid of androgenic pobochek. Let’s say frankly, in case if you get fatty deposits together with muscles and want to get rid of them, then you obviously can not do without the support of pharma. You need to apply at least a weak steroid, because without it you will return to the results that you had at the start. When Oxandrolone is used together with a low-calorie diet, it will preserve the muscle mass as much as possible. Also, with weight loss, Oxandrolon helps with the fact that it depresses the appetite (but we must admit that it does not have a fat-burning effect by itself). Athletes with experience combine the drug with Trenbolone, Masteron, Boldenom, Testosterone propionate, Stanozolol.

Side effects Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone does not have a strong androgenicity, so it does not aromatize. This means that sensitive athletes who suffer from hypertension or are prone to gynecomastia can take Oxandrolone without additional combinations. Even with a significant excess of dosage, Oxandrolon does not inhibit the production of its own testosterone, this is because Oxandrolon is not convertible into estrogens. In addition, athletes can use Oxandrolone after a course of heavy steroids or prolonged use to reduce the effect of recoil when the catabolic processes are active, and the production of their own testosterone is still low. At this stage, Oxandrolon helps to reduce the significant loss of muscle mass, while not inhibiting the production of testosterone. After the course, it is desirable to add growth hormone, however, Oxandrolon is good because it does not provoke pobochek, in addition it is used by representatives of various sports – from bodybuilding, powerlifting, and ending with wrestling, basketball and boxing. Do not forget that it can calmly accept and women, without fear of the effect of “omuzheniya, associated with high androgenity. Some athletes prefer to take this steroid year-round, without interruption. However, firstly, such an approach is hard for many (it’s not possible to afford it), and secondly, do not forget that the drug has a share of hepatotoxicity, since it is 17-a, therefore it is necessary to take breaks.