Primobol 100 (Methenolone Enanthate) 10ml


Application: injectable

Dosage: 100mg/ml

Packing: 1 vial

Product Description

Primobol 100 is a mild anabolic with extremely low androgenic activity, meaning that there is only a minimal chance of typical steroid side-effects. It does not convert to estrogen and, therefore, estrogen-caused water Methenolone Enanthate retention and fat deposition will not occur from using it. Primobol increases the conversion of protein to lean muscle tissue through its anabolic activity. Because primobol has virtually no androgen (i.e., masculinizing) effects, it can generally be used safely by women.

Primobolan ( also known as primobol ) is the common name for the chemical substance  methenolone enanthate. This injection steroid is a relatively mild action compared to other anabolic steroids, and in fact is considered more anabolic than androgenic. There is also an oral form of Primobolan, called methenolone acetate. However, in reality, this is not a very interesting preparation for male bodybuilders, since it is an unalkylated form of methenolone, and therefore most of the ingested methenolone acetate is destroyed by the liver.


Properties of Primobolan

Primobolan is a completely unique steroid that does not have identical analogues. First, primobolan does not transform into estrogens, so when it is used, there are usually no side effects associated with estrogen. This means that such problems as acne, swelling, gynecomastia, etc. can not be associated with the use of primobolan. Thus, primobolan is a very useful steroid for those who are prone to undesirable side effects, such as acne and gynecomastia. Due to the fact that primobolan practically does not promote the retention of fluid in the body, it is often effectively used in so-called “drying”. Its effect for the acquisition of muscle relief is explained not only by the low or even zero level of fluid retention, but also by its anabolic nature, as well as the property of retaining nitrogen. And this, mainly, means that it keeps muscles very well when calories are in short supply during drying.

Many argue that the only side effect of primobolan is slow muscle growth, but with prolonged admission (more than 8 weeks) – this is a steady, quality and retarded growth. Due to low water retention, etc., the growth of muscle mass on primobolan will be of high quality. The weight collected at reception primobolana is easily kept, however, though he and does not operate so depressing on an arch «a hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles», nevertheless he can deduce you from game. Do not make the mistake of thinking that when using primobolan you can avoid post-course therapy, because it is not. Recovery will be easier than most other steroids, but you still need proper therapy with clomid.

As a rule, primobolan does not affect libido, however, in some patients with a course without testosterone, a decrease in sexual desire is observed. Most often this happens to those who are too addicted, i.e. with those who use more testosterone and / or sit on anabolics for longer than usual. In such cases, when testosterone is not used during the course of admission of primobolan, and there are problems with sexual energy, it may be necessary to take appropriate means, such as Viagra, Cialis, etc. However, as was said above, most people who use Primobolan do not usually do this.