Primobolan 100 Max Pro


Manufacturer: MAX PRO
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate
Package: 250 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product Description

Primobolan 100 is one of the best anabolic drugs for those who have not yet experienced the effects of steroids on themselves. The drug is relatively safe, but at the same time quite effective and capable of giving a good increase in dry weight. It is used for drying cycles, as well as for leaving long or heavy courses. The drug does not provoke the accumulation of water, and, accordingly, after the end of the reception, the rollback will be almost imperceptible.

Primobolan drug history

Methenolone Enanthate – an active component of the drug – appeared in the 60s of the last century thanks to German scientists. In those days, German scientists carried out a lot of research, in which the state invested a lot of money, so that athletes could adequately represent their country in various competitions. As you know, the Germans do everything “not centuries”, and Primobol was no exception to this rule, because this drug is still in great demand among bodybuilders and athletes up to now. And it’s easy to explain, because the steroid is not aromatized (which is a huge plus). This allows you to take Primobol for both men and women.

Primobolan positive effects and side effects on the body

The molecule of the active substance is nothing more than a modified dihydrotestosterone molecule having the optimal ratio for a set of excellent muscle mass of the androgenic and anabolic index.
The drug is available in the form of injections and is not toxic to the liver. Many compare the mechanism of influence of Primobol with the action of Nandrolone, but the latter does not last so long. The drug remains active for two weeks, and is found in the blood after five weeks.

The effect of this drug on the body has been studied as well as possible. In order to get the maximum effect from the use of a steroid, you need to continue quite a long course. The drug acts slowly, but qualitatively, providing an increase in dry elastic muscles without excess fluid. The main thing is that almost 100% of the mass you gained for the course will remain with you.

At our you can find the instructions for using the drug. In it, side effects are described as rather rare phenomena, which in themselves do not pose a health hazard, if, of course, follow all the recommendations for use. The most typical side effects for this drug are increased nervous excitability, aggression, decreased testosterone production and insomnia. If you take the drug correctly, not abusing and not exceeding the recommended dosage, then such side effects as hair loss on the head or testicular atrophy are also not terrible. As already mentioned above, the drug does not have estrogenic activity and is not prone to aromatization, which allows not to be afraid of gynecomastia and other accompanying pobochek. The drug is also safe for women, and if properly formulated course,

The positive factor that played a significant role in the popularity of this steroid is its price. The cost of the drug is relatively low, which is a pleasant exception to the rule: “steroids are not an expensive pleasure.” But this does not affect the quality of Primobol. The drug is available to professionals who can afford to pay a tidy sum for a quality product, and for fans who are unlikely to be able to afford the same.

Reviews about Primobol or what athletes say

For the entire existence of the drug about him a lot was written reviews, and the vast majority of them were, of course, positive. Already in the first year, only appeared a drug in the market of sports pharmacology, he won the trust and love of athletes. What is its secret? It’s very simple! Quality drugs will always find their buyer, and quality drugs at an affordable price – even more so. Reviews often say that the drug is well suited for starting newcomers – that is, those people who have not yet experienced the effects of steroids, and therefore – sensitive to drugs. It is accepted as amateurs who want to gain weight and improve their strengths purely for themselves, as well as those who professionally engage in sports.

Reviews of Primobol confirm that the drug is safe, and can provoke a minimum amount of pobokache on the course. The most important thing is to adhere to the recommended dosages and not to abuse the drug, and also to adhere strictly to the schedule of injections.

Professionals working in our online store will be happy to help you with the preparation of an individual schedule of taking the drug, taking into account all your characteristics. If you already have experience of taking such drugs – we are waiting for your feedback. They will not only decorate it, but will also help other athletes who still want to take the course of this steroid, to make the right choice.

You should definitely review the reviews – after all, the usual instruction gives very little “dry” information. Reading reviews of real people and communicating with them, you can learn a lot of new useful information about which the instructions are not indicated and which will certainly help you in your future practice.

Having studied the self-testimonials about the drug, you will clearly see that most of them really characterize this drug really well. Having passed the Primobol course, you will undoubtedly get an excellent result in the form of growth of quality muscle mass and power capabilities. The weight gained during the course of the course after its termination will undoubtedly remain you.