Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Methenolone Acetate
Package: 100 mg/amp. (10 amp.)

Product Description

Primobolan Hubei is an anabolic agent with an extremely small androgenic component, that is, the anabolic effect is only relatively strong, Primobolan Hubei tablets are effective in increasing muscle strength and muscle mass. When taking the drug does not occur a rapid increase in weight and some huge rapid increase in strength. Therefore, Hubei Primobolan often takes a long time, as it still leads to a slow high-quality muscle growth, which is then preserved as a measure of discontinuation of the drug. Accepted athletes effective daily dose is 50-150 mg. If you only take Primobolan Hubei tablets, they will only increase strength and muscle mass in beginners to steroids and women. But the situation is greatly changed if Primobolan Hubei is combined with steroids of medium or high androgenic action, which do not flavor and do not delay the water. In this combination of anabolism, Primobolan Hubei is optimized by the use of masteron, Parabolan, equiox and especially Winstrol. When supplementing the combination of oxadrolone, even more results are achieved. Newborns in steroid courses and less advanced achieve a good increase in strength and muscle mass without water retardation when receiving 50-100 mg of Primobolan per day and 150 mg of injectable Wintrolla per week. Even pros propose good qualitative increments and simultaneous muscle contraction when using 150 mg Primobolan per day and 50 mg Wintrala depot every 2 days, as well as Parabolan in an amount of 76 mg every other day.


An effective dose of Primobolan – Methenolone Acetate in the injectable formulation is 200-300 mg per week. If you want to take this steroid orally, 50-150 mg / day is recommended. For men, 50-100 mg per day is the correct and active dose of oral, but for women, 10-25 mg per day is the largest dose. If you need to take them as an injection, the highest dose of Methenolone Acetate injection is 350-600 mg per week for men. Women have to take 100 mg / week of Methonolone Acetate. Metmonolone Acetate, the active period of inactivation is about 10-14 days, and the dynamic life of this steroid in the form of tabs is about four to six hours. Its detection time is four to five weeks.

Side effect unit

It is also important to note that, although the androgenic component of Primobolan is low, side effects are still possible. Therefore, you can notice oily skin, acne and hair growth on the face / body of the body during treatment. Men who are prone to hair loss can also find that this exacerbates this condition and wants to avoid this subject. Although it is always possible, side effects rarely reach the point where they interfere with the development of the cycle. Methenolone Acetate is undoubtedly one of the most mild and safe oral steroids in the production. Women athletes, older or more sensitive people, and novice steroids will no doubt find this handy steroid for themselves. Yet the main application is found in Primobolan Hubei tablets in the period of preparation for competitions and in women, because the acetate form is not flavored with estrogens and does not hold water. The peculiarity of acetate tablets in their usefulness for fat burning. However, it is not necessary to take Primobolan Hubei tablets during drying without the support of other drugs, because of the small androgenic effect of these pills, there may be significant loss of muscle mass and strength and the risk of overtraining. Listed in the second part of the book are steroid combinations