Testabol Enanthate


Manufacturer: BRITISH DRAGON
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Package: 250 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product Description

Testabol Enanthate is one of the many esters of natural testosterone, which is widely used for sporting purposes. Bodybuilders appreciate the bright properties of the drug, and this is evident on the demand for Testosterone Enanthate – today it is one of the most popular steroids intended for weight gain. It can be characterized as a long-acting substance. Its activity when ingested into the body largely depends on the level of hormones and metabolism and lasts from two to three weeks. The half-life is approximately 6-7 days. Representatives of power sports – bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc. injection of the drug put once or twice a week. This periodicity helps to keep the concentration of the steroid in the blood at a high level.

Brief description of the preparation

The drug has quite strong anabolic and androgenic indicators, which are equal to those of natural Testosterone. Because the androgenic activity of the drug is high, it will not surprise you that the drug is prone to aromatization (and strongly inclined). Therefore, it is not important to take anti-estrogen drugs. They will help to avoid unpleasant side effects, such as gynecomastia and a number of other negative phenomena associated with aromatization, and also help to reduce weight loss after the end of the course.

Another negative result of the testosterone enanthate is oppression of the hypothalamus-hypophysis-testicle arc. On the course, there is a decrease in the synthesis of natural testosterone, but this process is not irreversible – after a while after stopping the reception, all functions come back to normal. If the course is made correctly – the recovery is much faster and easier.

The “plus” Testostreon Enanthata is the absence of toxicity for the liver. By using this medication, you can be absolutely calm for your liver.

The steroid is available in injection form. For someone, this is a plus, for someone – not (given that the percentage of people who suffer from fear of injections is not so small). Consolation for those who do not like the injection will be that you need to stab the solution once, at most twice a week.

The drug remains active in the body for 15 days after the injection. Against this background, we can note a relatively short period of detection in the blood – it is about three months.

The secret of popularity of this steroid lies in the successful combination of the effect of a rapid increase in muscle mass with a tangible increase in strength. This was the reason for the extraordinary popularity of the drug in the circle of weightlifters and powerlifters. In addition, as shown by numerous reviews, the course of this steroid clearly shows the effect of pumping. The drug, as already mentioned above, has not only a powerful anabolic effect, but also strong androgenic properties. This means that rapid mass gain is due to fluid retention in the body. Because of this, after completing the course, athletes often lose kilos. Loss of muscle mass is observed in most cases, but if you take a steroid correctly – you can reduce the risk of losing weight to a minimum.

Testosterone Enanthate: steroid course

Anabolic effects of the drug on the body directly depends on what dosage the athlete uses. The athlete selects the dosage independently, based on the experience of taking, the goals of the course, the hormonal background and other individual characteristics of your body. The recommended weekly dosage ranges from 250 to 500 mg.

The dosage should be proportional to the body weight (correspondingly less weight, less dosage, weight more – dosage is also greater). Injections are performed at a frequency of one to two times a week, the localization is the buttock area. The course Testosterone Enanthate duration is usually 8-10 weeks, after 2-3 weeks it is recommended to conduct PCT. Often athletes conduct courses that are longer than specified.

This course often shows side effects associated with converting the drug to estrogens. In order to neutralize it, it is recommended to start using Proviron or aromatase inhibitors 2-3 weeks later and to complete their reception one week after the end of the course.

Before taking the inhibitors, as well as during and after the discontinuation, it is better to conduct an assay for the concentration of estradiol.

Gonadotropin is recommended to be used if the taken dose of the drug is more than 250 mg, and the duration of the cycle. Use gonadotropin if the dosage exceeds 250 mg and the cycle time is more than 8 weeks.

Among other things, as a post-course therapy should use cortisol blockers, so that the collected kilograms did not go away after the course. Also, one should not forget about nutrition: it must be balanced, high-calorie and regular.