Testoprop (Testosterone Propionate) 1ml, 50mg/ml


Application: injectable

Dosage: 50mg/ml

Packing: 10 amps

Product Description

TestopropTestosterone Propionate is a male sexual hormone with pronounced, mainly androgenic action, possessing the biological and therapeutic properties of the natural hormone. In a healthy male organism, androgens are formed by the testes and adrenal cortex. It is normally produced in women in small physiological quantities.

In addition to the specific action that determines the sexual characteristics of the individual, it also has a general anabolic action, manifested in enhancement of protein synthesis. Under the effect of testosterone, body weight increases and urea excretion is reduced. High doses suppress the production of hypophyseal gonadotropin, while low doses stimulate it. It has an antitumor effect on mammary gland metastases.

Side effects Testoprop

Most often, users complain of pain and irritation in the area of ​​the injection. Often this is the reaction of the body to benzyl alcohol, which some manufacturers have a diluting agent. It is recommended to inject propionate every time into a new place.

Of the other side effects, it can be noted androgenic. With excessive doses, it can provoke:

– Acne rash. 
– Hair loss of the head according to the male type. 
– Hirsutism. 
– Increased aggression, body temperature, aches, blood pressure.

Testosterone in any form, actively suppresses the work of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles. In large doses, this can provoke temporary testicular atrophy, and a fall in libido after the course.

With long courses and high doses of testosterone, it is strongly recommended to use Gonadotropin in a dosage of 500 units per week. And also, the use of testosterone boosters according to the standard scheme, after the course, regardless of its duration.