Trenbol 100


Manufacturer: GENESIS
Category: Injectable Steroids
Substance: Trenbolone Acetate
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product Description

Active substance Trenbol 100 became the famous Trenbolone Acetate, which is a modification of nandrolone. The acetate ether enhances the effect of this modification. Due to this the preparation is very powerful in terms of anabolic and androgenic properties, and it acts incredibly fast, though not for long. The body will get rid of the drug very quickly, after 6 or 7 weeks after stopping the course it can not be detected in the blood.

For this reason, Tren Acetate is ideal for preparing for competitions. Using this drug, you get a lot of positive effects, and a large amount of muscle mass is not the most important. Your strengths will also increase; musculature will be dry and supple; the fatty layer will decrease; libido will improve.

Store Trenbol-100 in a dry place where the product will not be exposed to direct sunlight; the bottle must be firmly closed; the room temperature should not exceed or be below room temperature. It must be kept away from children and animals.

Application of the drug

Use of the drug: in order to achieve the best possible result, this drug should be combined with others.

Tren Acetate can be combined with a huge amount of funds. But the most effective combinations would be combining it with testosterone propionate, turinabol and stanozolol.

If you combine all these drugs, the dosage will be as follows: Trenbol-100 will be 50 to 100 mg, it should be consumed within 6 weeks every other day; The dose of testosterone propionate will be 100 mg every other day for six weeks; stanozolol should be taken in an amount of 40 mg per day but for nine weeks. Clenbuterol will not become superfluous in this combination, it will help to achieve a more qualitative relief of muscles. It should be consumed within seven or nine weeks of 80 mg daily.

If you want to minimize the likelihood of side effects, then take Clomid for seven or nine weeks in an amount of 150 mg of the drug daily. The combination of Tren Acetate with methandienone and testosterone esters will help you achieve the maximum amount of muscle mass.

Experienced athletes are advised to take the described steroid drug with ten to forty mg of methandienone daily from the beginning of the course, testosterone propionate in the amount of fifty to one hundred mg each day and trenbolone acetate fifty or one hundred hundred mg every other day from the second week of the course. In this case, your post-course therapy will consist of Gonadotropin and Clomid.

Tren Acetate should be taken fifty to one hundred mg every two days to extend this course by six weeks.

Side effects Trenbol 100

Side effects: despite the fact that the use of the drug positively affects the entire body as a whole, Tren A 100 also has negative side effects.

Accepting athletes can notice such phenomena as: abundant hair loss on the head; acne; oily skin; excessive aggression; insomnia; increase in blood pressure; decrease in the level of natural testosterone. This remedy is not intended for women, since female athletes accepting it may face irreversible masculinization.