Bodybuilding and athleticism: for and against

The article clearly demonstrates the need for regular classes with weights, that is, employment by athleticism or bodybuilding.

So, athleticism. What for? What will an iron sport give a person?

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You can talk about this topic for a long time. During my life I had to listen to a lot of arguments for and against. There are a lot of them, but you can always find the golden mean.

We proceed from the fact that if you read this article, then you all the same got up from the sofa and you are with us. Now I can say that all the uniqueness of the iron sport is that, even if you do not even aim at champion titles and train simply for yourself, a person will bring considerable benefit to his health.

Based on the experience of my older friends, I will say that the well developed muscles of the lower back will keep you slim posture until old age, and the working muscles of the press will get rid of problems with the stomach and other internal organs. I keep silent about strengthening such systems as respiratory and cardiovascular.


Still it is necessary to say that bodybuilders are almost not subject to osteochondrosis. Recently, also started talking about the benefits of taking testosterone for something out there. In my 50 I’m funny. As an additive to athletic nutrition – I agree, but to enhance some masculine qualities?

In conclusion, I want to say that your developed muscles and healthy appearance immediately give you additional confidence in your own strengths.

Now a few words about what the medicine says about this

As we know, the human body begins to age somewhere from the age of 20. By medicine it is proved that vision and hearing become significantly worse from the age of 12. And although the signs of aging do not betray themselves, at least outwardly, but they are easily determined by biochemical analysis.

We all know that by the middle of the third decade on the face wrinkles appear and the gradual decrease in the level of physiological activity begins. And after 30 begins the frontal offensive of old age.

Quite quickly, the body loses its ability to absorb oxygen. This is only 10%, but in the future this trend not only persists, but increases every 10 years for the same 10%. This of course you can not pay attention. But all these little things entail a heap of problems associated with the gradual age-related extinction of the body.

As has been proved by the studies that were conducted at the Taft Institute, training with weights can very well have the effect of rejuvenating the body, moreover, it is expressed very clearly. Bodybuilding in most cases is quite capable of suspending the rate of decrease in body metabolic processes, especially after 30.

It is desirable to combine activities with diet, which limits the use of all kinds of fats. It turns out just a terrific effect. In the group of people “after 60”, who had never before been engaged in bodybuilding, attracted to this experiment, strength training immediately caused a rather large rise in vital activity. I think it’s unnecessary to say that they immediately added to the muscle mass.

At the same time, a “cardiovascular system of bodybuilding” was developed, with which you can successfully train the heart muscle. Its rapidly increasing strength and volume make the walls of the vessels more elastic, and the heart acquires the ability to pump up to 40-42 liters of blood per minute. This work of the cardiac system animates small peripheral vessels, atrophied with age.

In many cases, bodybuilding normalizes blood pressure, which is a good medicine for those people whose blood pressure rises for no apparent reason. As far as I know, bodybuilders are not at all threatened with pressure surges, simply because intensified drills clean out excess cholesterol from the vessels.

The low pulse for your age and the normal blood pressure are the norm that the athlete bears before his old age.

Any genetic predisposition of the body is easily overturned during training.

In general, “for” and “against” a great variety and talk about this can be infinite. But if you read this, it means that you have all the same risen from the sofa and you are with us. Therefore this and the following information is for you.

Bodybuilding and health

Regular exercises with weights have a pronounced rejuvenating effect. It is also a remedy for overweight. Bodybuilding stops the “normal” fall in the rate of metabolic processes in middle age, especially when combined with a diet that limits fat intake.

Bodybuilding trains the heart muscle. The strength of the heart and its volume increase dramatically. The heart acquires the ability to throw up to 42 liters of blood per minute. The walls of the vessels become elastic. Small peripheral capillaries come to life, gradually fading with age.

Bodybuilding normalizes blood pressure – the more the muscles get, the more their capillaries open and the more volume of circulating blood they create. Despite the extremely high workload, bodybuilders are almost not threatened by jumps in blood pressure. Bodybuilding exercises provide additional circulation of blood through the body, punching cholesterol surpluses in the vessels.

Exercises with weights, and running for long distances, help get rid of depression. As studies have shown, in the process of training the brain releases special chemicals called antidepressants. Also, the acquisition of a strong trained body cures of complexes that poison existence, settles in the soul calmness and confidence, which eventually become stable dominants of character. Helps with mental illness by relieving stress.

With age, the bones become brittle. Bodybuilding, keeps joint mobility and bone strength, thereby preventing arthritis (disease of old age) – the deposition of salts in the joints. During training, joints are actively washed with blood and, most importantly, work hard. Arthritis, as a rule, is the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

Recent studies by physicians have shown that exercise with weights combined with rational nutrition can help people with diabetes. Training helps to free the bloodstream from sugar, because it is used by the body as a source of energy. Doctors also found that bodybuilding treats patients with reduced pulmonary function. Training muscles of the abdomen and intercostal muscles facilitates breathing for patients with spinal injuries, which are difficult to control the diaphragm.

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