bodybuilding for beginners

Bodybuilding for beginners: proportions

The proportionality of the development of the body is the guarantee of its beauty. But, unfortunately, very few people can boast of a harmoniously developed body.

Bodybuilding for beginners: proportions

Very often we have to observe how a newcomer comes into the hall, having a definite goal: to pump one or two muscle groups. As a rule, these are people who have no idea about bodybuilding, and of course, “the most intelligent and knowledgeable”.

bodybuilding for beginners

Do not even say that this is a big mistake. After all, the proportions in bodybuilding play almost the most important role, since all muscle groups must be developed in proportion, that is, to correspond to certain parameters of the body structure.

Often, such violations occur because of the use of abbreviated training programs, often invented by the newcomer himself. Such programs are usually used by them at the initial stages of training, when the athlete excludes any group of muscles from the training process.

Of course, this can not be done, otherwise you can not even dream about the full development of all muscle groups. But if time is not enough? Then you need to use not abridged programs, but basic exercises, but in such a way as to work through all the muscle groups. Only in this case the body acquires the right proportions.

In order to maintain proportions, during training, especially at the initial stages, such muscle groups should be included in the training complex:

  • muscles of the back,
  • muscles of the chest,
  • muscles of shoulders,
  • biceps (hand flexors),
  • triceps (extensors of the hand),
  • muscles of the thigh.

Those muscle groups that have remained are the calves, the inner thighs, the hip flexors – that is, the hamstrings and trapezius muscles need to be worked out in a free mode, not including the training complex, as a permanent basis.

Of course, this scheme is designed only not the first year of training, and then you need to assess the state of your muscles yourself and then correct the lagging muscle groups. It’s simple: you just need to add one exercise per muscle group.

That is, if you performed, say, on flexors of the hands only 2 exercises, now you need to perform three exercises. Also, for the best result, you need to set the lagging muscle group in training as one of the first muscles to be trained. Just at the very beginning of the workout, you have not yet squandered the force and so you can work out the muscle more qualitatively.

In the event that you find it difficult to determine your lagging muscle groups on your own, you should pay attention to the middle part of the chest, hamstrings, inner thighs, neck, calf muscles, lower parts of the flexor arms, trapezius muscles and buttocks.

These are the areas that usually lag behind in development, introducing disharmony. They can be worked only on special simulators, or using special devices. But you can fix the situation in just a few months.

It is better not to allocate these problem groups to a separate training, but simply distribute them in other, that is, basic training, and put these exercises on the lagging muscle groups among the first.

Of course, the proportions in bodybuilding are important, but careful study of individual groups will not give the desired result. It is much better to use basic exercises with a lot of weight. With this approach to the process of training and problem groups of muscles are included in the work. Then the result will appear in the near future.

Rules of Great Bodybuilding

A useful conclusion is the following: knowledge and strict implementation of certain rules turns physical education into sport (in our case, in bodybuilding). Think carefully, what do you need from the gym? Just a health or a sporting outcome. Between these concepts is a chasm in the form of your sweat and sets of limitations. Do you need it? Ready you morally refuse to walk with a fun company in order to go to the gym. Are you ready to limit yourself in nutrition, the opportunity to walk to cognition, etc.? If you are ready, and most importantly, if you are fanatically wanting this, then you will need to comply with a number of rules that turn the hike into an exercise room from physical education to sports. And now I will tell you these rules. I will tell you that unfortunately I had no one to tell at the beginning and so I had to fill a lot of cones.

bodybuilding for beginners

Those who want to build muscle mass, should understand that this is a very long process. Do not copy and equal the professionals, they at one time paid the necessary price. What will have to do to you. It is very important not to force the results at the very beginning of the training.

Technique of doing exercises

Beginners should understand some very important ideas. The right technique is vital for future growth. Very often beginners grab large weights without understanding the very meaning of the exercise. Accordingly, not those muscle groups are working and there is no growth due to the lack of proper technique. The load concentrates on the joints, ligaments, but not on the working muscle group. Example: traction for the back. Pozhdnichav with weight, you begin to pull biceps, round your back, bow out …. In the end, even after mastering decent weights, the back is still flat. The first goal of a beginner is to prepare the body for future growth. And first of all – to master the correct technique of performing exercises.

I have one secret about this. In order to learn the right technique, you need to learn to shorten the muscle group you need. This can be achieved by performing imaginary exercises without weight. Before going to bed, you can spend 5-10 minutes to do imaginary presses or wiring to feel the contraction in the nursing. This constant practice will very quickly allow you to learn how to properly reduce the necessary muscle groups.

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