Correct Breathing

Correct Breathing in Bodybuilding

Correct breathing during fitness exercises will greatly increase the effectiveness of training, because then the muscles will be better restored, you will become less tired and will be able to reach the required result faster

It’s very easy to breathe properly. You go to the dumbbells, bend over them – inhale, straighten – exhale. Dumbbells to the shoulders – inhale. This is what correct breathing looks like in bodybuilding and athleticism.

Each subsequent phase of motion coincides with the phase of breathing. This applies to all kinds of pressures and wiring for the chest lying and sitting.

But when working on an incline bench (lifting to the biceps) – there is another layout. In this case, the right breathing looks like this: you sit on the bench, bend over the dumbbells – inhale, straighten out – exhale. Then you take a breath. Begin to do an exhalation with simultaneous lifting of a dumbbell. Tilt down – inhale. And only so. And it does not matter what you do: bend over a fallen pencil, or perform a deadlift.

Inhalation-exhalation is such a natural, and at the same time important for the whole body process. Often we breathe without thinking. But it is necessary to cut off oxygen – life slows down.

However, most people breathe properly only during sleep, in a state of complete relaxation, when the breath is controlled unconsciously. During the waking period, breathing becomes confused and sometimes delayed, which can cause serious disturbances in such important organs as the heart and the brain.

Meanwhile, having learned to control your breathing, you can not only stay healthy for a long time, but also live much longer. Proper breathing during fitness exercises will significantly improve the effectiveness of training, because then the muscles will be better restored, you will become less tired and will be able to achieve the desired result faster.

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At one of the forums I read the question with a pod: “Will I help bodybuilding while digging the garden.” I believe that this is a question of a person who can not breathe properly. Imagine – it will help. Tilt down – inhale. The only way.

In martial arts – there are sometimes different. But we will not discuss this now.

Correct Breathing

Closed breath

You can not also block off breathing. If the short-term delay is completely permissible, then closed breathing can lead to serious consequences. For example, consider the deadlift.

If you work in the usual training mode, then here is a little easier. If the weight is relatively small – then everything is clear. But if you perform traction with the maximum weight, one or two repetitions, then you need to be careful.

With a lot of weight, the most dangerous is the moment when the bar is pulled off the floor. You take the neck, strain, and suddenly notice that you have blocked the breath. Deliberately, without even noticing it.

This can not be done categorically, since at a moment of short-term effort on occluded breathing blood pressure increases significantly. If you do not delve into complex medical terms, you can say that blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen, as well as microvessels in the eyes may burst.

If you hear a noise in your ears after the traction, that’s it. But do not worry, this is in the easiest form. I need to rest and lose weight. At least for a while.

After traction, there may also be a darkening in the eyes. We need to rest and throw off the weight of the bar. If the eyes have red dots – this is serious. It was somewhere inside the eye that the vessel burst. The barbell should not be touched until the points in the eye dissolve.

This is certainly undesirable, but it’s okay. I have repeatedly observed this. Just need to take care. This can be observed during squats, and from overload. But it is necessary to try very much.

So, we conclude: the right breath is the key to success!

Exercises to develop flexibility

Breathing should be done in positions that promote the expansion of the chest, and exhale – when it contracts. For example, by making leans forward, touching the floor with your hands, you need to inhale in a position where the trunk is straightened, the arms are lowered and slightly retracted. And the exhalation is done, leaning forward: the chest and stomach at this moment are compressed, which helps more complete displacement of air.

Strength Exercises

Exhalation is recommended at the time of the greatest muscular effort, and inhaling, when the muscle tension is the least. For example, lifting your legs up from a position lying on your back. Breath – during lifting of legs, and exhalation – at the moment of lowering them downwards, when the tension of the muscles of the abdomen is greater. Another example: when pushing away from the floor in the prone position: bending arms, inhale, straightening – exhalation.

Always remember that during training you can not hold your breath, try to breathe freely. If you notice that you hold your breath, this means that the exercise you are doing is too hard for you, and it is worth weakening the intensity of the load.

Exercises of a cyclic nature

During walking, running, cycling, swimming, when the body’s need for oxygen increases several times, proper breathing is especially important. When running, first of all, we need the rhythm and frequency of breathing coordinated with the movements of the body. Disorderly, with pauses or, on the contrary, too frequent breathing disturbs the rhythm of running, makes coordination difficult and does not provide sufficient ventilation of the lungs. For example, with a slow run, each breath and exhalation should have three or four steps, and when moving at medium speed, for each breath and exhalation – one or two steps.

In swimming, breathing is dictated by style

If you swim with a breaststroke, you can breathe in only when you lift your head above the water; if the crawl is at the end of the stroke, when the face is turned to the side and the mouth is over the water. In other phases of swimming, one can only exhale air into water.

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