exercises of bodybuilding

Exercises of bodybuilding: errors in the performance

What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding – what is it? This is a sport, the essence of which is to pump up muscles. Pumping with a barbell and dumbbells, it’s not too difficult actually.

Translated from English, translated as “building a body.” Bodybuilding is a system of physical exercises with weights (dumbbells, barbells, special simulators), aimed at the development of all muscle groups, and as a result, the formation of the right proportions of the body, improving the figure, flexibility and plasticity of the body. In addition, sports are important for the promotion of health, strength and physical endurance.

Most often bodybuilding is practiced in the gym. Previously, the question was considered, how to choose a hall for bodybuilding aerobics or fitness.

exercises of bodybuilding

You will never regret that you are engaged in bodybuilding – even if you do not set a goal to participate in the championships along with professional athletes, you will acquire a perfect body and excellent health. The main factor of our appearance is beautiful muscles that will accentuate your physique, and the minimum amount of fat. Remember the simple truth – that it would be nice to look at your muscles, they do not need to be pumped up to gigantic proportions. If you have a beautiful body – you have the right to be proud of it, because you created it with your own hands.

We’ve been doing something all our lives. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes wrong. Everyone knows that only those who do nothing do not tolerate mistakes. The same applies to bodybuilding.

As you may have noticed, in many articles (in particular, about home training) I mentioned some extremely unpleasant things, but this is not then to scare you, but to warn against the troubles that my acquaintances got into.

You just need a little attention to yourself and caution, and this will avoid major mistakes in the performance of certain exercises of bodybuilding.

Believe on the word and avoid other people’s mistakes. Of course, all of them can not be prevented, but I’ll try to consider the main ones.

Mistakes in the performance of bodybuilding exercises

  • Chest pressing, standing. A common mistake is a large back deviation. Arched in the back, you can eventually get yourself such problems with health, as the displacement and inflammation of the vertebrae, as well as constant pain in the sacrum.
  • Lift the bar to the bicep. Back deviation, due to the use of heavy weight. The problems are the same – with the back. Extremely dangerous in this direction can be a method of cheating. At least for someone who does not know how to use them.

Although, I must say that the line between be able and not be able to be fairly vague, and I, knowing all these subtleties, no, no, – and sometimes I myself was wrong in assessing my capabilities.

Sometimes when lifting the biceps, you can feel a slight disturbing pain in the inner part of the elbow bend. This indicates an easy stretching. It’s okay, you just need to rest a little.

  • Deadlift. The usual mistake in doing this exercises of bodybuilding is when the athlete tries to make traction with his back only. These are not slopes! This is a deadlift! And you need to pull the whole camp, not just your back. Including feet.

Another mistake is the so-called spinning of the back. The back must be straight. If the weight is used small – nothing, but with the thrust used significant weight, so the exercise is quite traumatic.

  • Squats. This exercise is as traumatic as the deadlift. Common mistakes are an attempt to sit on the toes of the feet, relax your back at the lowest point, round your back when you get up, and the most dangerous is when the athlete straightens her legs first and then her back. This method is really very dangerous, and problems with the back will not take long.
  • Chest from the chest lying down. Here it is necessary to follow the shoulder joints. If you feel burning and pain in the joint area, stop the exercise, as it is a signal that the joint is overloaded and easily injured, and if you do not stop, this problem can spoil you more than one workout.

Tips for doing exercises

  • First, learn to perform every exercise complex perfectly right. The best option is the guidance of an experienced coach. In previous articles, it was considered whether you need a coach or an instructor in the first lesson. A new exercise, first make weightless, to get used to the correct technique.
  • Remember: bad technique is the right way to injury.
  • Do not more than 5 approaches per 1 muscle group! Here are the essence of this. You make the first 2 approaches closer to warm-up, that is, you use about 80% of your working weight, the third approach is 90% of the working weight, the 4th approach is 95% of the working weight, and finally the fifth approach is 100% or even 105% of your standard working weight. Here you must reach the point of complete muscle failure. And only in this case you can be sure that muscle growth will not keep you waiting.
  • Do not do more than 12 repetitions in 1 approach! More than 12 repetitions will work on the relief, and you, as a beginner early still to think about the relief, you need to build up the muscles first. At the same time, less than 8 repetitions will already be working on the strength of the muscles. So build your approach and pick up weight so that the number of repetitions ranged from 8 to 12.
  • First, study large groups of muscles (legs, back, chest), and only then – small. Large muscle groups require more energy and mental effort, so it’s better to work on them at the beginning of the training, with fresh forces. For example: suppose you started with triceps, and then switched to the chest. It is clear that you have already squandered some of your energy. It means that it will be difficult for you to develop the degree of intensity that is necessary for such a massive group of muscles as the chest. In addition, weary triceps can no longer qualitatively “assist” the pectoral muscles during heavy pressures.
  • Reduce the rest time between sets! If you perform the same number of exercises and approaches, but in less time, this will increase the intensity of your training.
  • Before going to the hall, do not eat sugar, especially refined foods. Sugar gives only temporary energy. It is better to eat some natural carbohydrates with a small amount of fat as a source of energy. So your energy will last longer. Do not even try to train when you are hungry or vice versa with a full belly!
  • Observe the schedule of training, nutrition and sleep. It is best to train at the same time. Your body needs to recover. So do not forget about the rest!

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