muscle growth

How to accelerate muscle growth

How to accelerate muscle growth – for a budding bodybuilder this is the most interesting question.

But to know the answer to this question, you need to know some features of muscle growth. Only then it will be possible to speed up the process.

The effect of testosterone on muscle growth

One of the most important factors affecting the growth of muscle mass is testosterone. Rather not himself, but the ability of his body to produce. Testosterone is a hormone that performs a number of functions in the human body. First, thanks to testosterone, male sexual characteristics develop. This is the growth of hair on the body, low voice, which happens in men, and of course increased muscle tone.

But the main thing is that this hormone directly affects the increase in muscle mass and strength. It is the increase in strength that caused the use of this hormonal drug in sports.

Its reception allows not only to accelerate the growth of muscles, but also gives the energy necessary for training. In addition, it significantly reduces the recovery process and reduces the rest time. Thanks to this, there is additional endurance and aggressiveness, which in turn makes it possible to work more productively. These were positive moments.

Negative aspects of taking testosterone

And there are also negative sides to be reckoned with. Before you start taking drugs that stimulate the production of testosterone, you need to know that its use is contraindicated in adolescents who have not reached puberty, whose growth process has not ended.

After all, taking testosterone not only stops growth, but also fundamentally changes the basis of sexual development. Therefore, the use of drugs containing anabolic steroids is contraindicated in people under the age of 20 years.

Taking anabolic steroids makes sense only in cases where your training experience is at least 3 years old. Until that time, there are many fairly effective techniques that will help you gain muscle mass fairly quickly, without the use of such drugs.

muscle growth

How to accelerate muscle growth: recommendations

Here are a few general recommendations for athletes who have had muscle growth after six months of training:

  • Change the set of exercises you used to train. Although sometimes it helps to replace the order of training of muscle groups during training.
  • Increase the number of trainings per week to five, dividing the muscle groups into separate days.
  • This means, if today you worked with the breast, tomorrow work only with your legs. That is, one group of muscles is worked out in one day. Training should include at least three to four exercises.
  • Enter in the training process such methods as supersets, pumping, chiting.
  • Check your diet. Perhaps, it contains few protein products and vitamins.

6 ways to accelerate muscle growth, if they do not hurry up

This is a common problem: your body is your temple, and almost no day passes without a brace, but the results are all waiting. Here are the main reasons for the slow increase in muscle mass and recommendations for its acceleration.

Too much cardio

If the size is important to you, perhaps you should run less. According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, the alternation of cardio training and resistance training for 10 weeks doubled the fat burning, but halved the increase in force compared to only power training. And although this is not the reason to completely abandon cardio (forgive), try to strengthen the form with the help of circular fat-free exercises, rather than cardio exercises at a stable pace. So your muscles will work harder.

Wrong form

Forget your ego: no one will see you tremble under the huge barbell for the sake of two miserable repetitions. The correct technique of doing exercises, using only such a weight that you can squeeze out without the risk of injury – that’s what is important for muscle growth. According to the Journal of Conditioning Research, performing exercises with a full range of movements, in contrast to partial movement, can achieve a 10% increase in muscle mass gain. Small changes in technique can lead to great results.

Neglect of tracking progress

Unplanned unloading days can add fat, but you do not notice. Psychologists call this “ostrich problem”: when men ignore important information about their progress. As well as a simple check of the status of your account, tracking the results of your diet and weighing scores helps you to understand whether everything is going according to plan. And according to the Annual Review of Nutrition, it also helps to achieve better results in getting rid of excess weight. Grab the notebook and write down.


You are already used to such symptoms of stress at work as sweaty hands and heart palpitations, but biceps can also get on this list. According to the American Psychology Society, stress leads to an increase in the level of cortisol and a decrease in testosterone levels, which means that it contributes to the deposition of fat at the waist and a reduction in the rate of muscle growth. Take a deep breath and use other ways to get rid of stress.

Insufficient consumption of vegetables

To lean on sources of protein without a proper system is to harm yourself. Broccoli and spinach are full of folic acid, which, according to The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, can negate the negative effects of physical stress on the cardiovascular system, and also promote the formation of red blood cells and the growth of muscle tissue. Cabbage is full of useful substances, and spinach has iron, which helps to relieve fatigue after training. Do not neglect the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from 5 fruits a day for another portion of the chicken breast. Everything should be in moderation.

Excess of workouts

Strength the next day is a sign of a well-done work, but good can be too much. If you do not give your muscles enough time to recover, this can have a very negative impact on their growth, and even damage them. So, your results will suffer. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the syndrome of overabundance of training leads to chronic fatigue, inflammatory processes and reduced effectiveness.

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