Puff for 3 months

Is it possible to puff for 2-3 months? This question is asked most often. How to pump up for 3 months without sports pharmacology and is it possible?

Yes, now there are a lot of places where you can hear about wonderful techniques that allow you to do this, but if you are seriously involved in sports, then of course, you know that this is simply unrealistic.

For more than 30 years of serious sports I have not met such techniques. Of course, there are many opinions on this matter. But! Without applying sports pharmacology, for 3 months you can only enter into the initial form. I emphasize: in the initial. This is about bodybuilding and power sports.

Probably, you sometimes also had to hear this: I’ve been doing only 3 weeks, and already press cubes. And this girl writes. Usually this means only that she lacks a kilogram of 8-10 to her normal weight. Is it beautiful? Maybe, but for an amateur.

Puff for

Can I pour for 3 months without chemistry?

So, what is customary to refer to sports nutrition products and how can they help in training? In general, the line between sports nutrition and chemistry is rather conditional, since hormone preparations have long been widely used in sports.

Of course, there are techniques and rooms where, with the help of sports nutrition for 3 months can help you achieve a visible result. Although, it should be said that for a person this is unnatural.

Experienced athletes know that without sports nutrition, which includes hormonal drugs (that is, what is commonly called chemistry), such results as we see in bodybuilding, it is almost impossible to achieve. Someone will say that this is a controversial issue, because in the beginning of the last century there were no such means, and athletes gave their records. BUT. They went to these records for many years.

But we are moving away from the topic. Any experienced coach will tell you that 3 months is not at all the time frame within which results can be achieved. Yes. There are times when a person has good genetics and natural data. They can be developed at an initial level in a relatively short time.

You can force events with the help of sports nutrition. It is generally accepted that this will give negative consequences in the future. And many such cases are known. Although, of course, at the age of 20 it seems that 30 is very far away, and it’s just that I will never be thirty. And about forty, or 50 even there is nothing to say.

How to paddle for 3 months and become disabled

And about the pumping for 3 months, I’ll say this: in 16 or 20 years you can do anything and anything. Not even right. It will still give a positive result at this age for a while. But will not the negative consequences later? After all, pumped up biceps, which is so chasing most young people, looks good. Even despite the fact that in 7-10 years the back will be destroyed, and the biceps will come to naught. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about what will happen later.

But health is one thing, and it is not without reason that in the system of vital values ​​it is often put on the first place. Competent employment by athleticism will allow you to have an attractive sports figure and favorably differ against the background of people who do not yet want to take the time and can not find the opportunity to do it.

It is not necessary to use programs, replicated on the Internet, offering breast, legs, back, hands on different days of the week. Isolated exercises load the muscles, but do not imitate the actual situation of their work, therefore they do not give the command about growth. Whether a person is interested in the question of how to pump for 3 months or lose weight, the answer will be training for the muscles of the whole body, including: squats, stanovuyu, bench press, bench press, traction in slope, traction block vertical or horizontal, pushing away from the floor and on bars, pulling on the bar.

Why do I need a personal trainer

2-3 months is just the beginning of the road. You need to study at least a year, so that you can talk about the results. But what is one year ?!

And you probably already guessed that regular classes are necessary. In order for classes to give maximum effect best, of course, order an individual training program from a personal trainer. Why? It’s simple.

Each person is individual, and often many have certain health problems, problems with the spine are not uncommon. The personal trainer will take into account your individual characteristics when drawing up the training program. That is, in about a year of classes you can significantly improve your health and acquire a beautiful, harmoniously developed body.

If you need to become larger and stronger, it is worthwhile to focus on 5-12 repetitions, choosing the weight so that you can execute a specified number of approaches completely. Some programs are designed for intensity, others – for a large amount of work, but it does not matter to beginners. Begin with an empty vulture, add 2.5 kg each week, because the body only remembers the correct technique of movements, involves the muscles. Rest between approaches depends on the purpose: when working on the force you need to rest for 2-3 minutes, for muscle growth – about a minute, for endurance – less than a minute.

The basic principle of training for a beginner: to stimulate, but not to destroy. Three workouts per week is enough for the response of muscles, if food and rest are in order. One week is to count the amount of calories eaten, then add 500 calories and look at the reaction of the muscles. If the gain is about a kilogram, then this is normal. If less than 500 g, it is necessary to increase the calorie content slightly. With a significant increase – more than 1 kg per week, cut calories due to carbohydrates and fats, so as not to postpone fat.

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