influence of bodybuilding

The influence of bodybuilding on the body

As well as other sports, bodybuilding has a certain impact on the human body.

What is Bodybuilding?

One of the power sports, whose goal is the maximum development of all muscle groups and the construction of standard proportions of the athlete’s body, through physical exercises with weights.

Muscle cells that form muscles can not multiply, they can only grow in size, and their number remains unchanged throughout life. Each person of these cells has a certain amount, and it depends on how fast the athlete pumps up muscles. The building material for the muscles, without which their growth is impossible – is a protein, namely the amino acids that make up protein structures.

The same is necessary for muscle growth is a high level of anabolic hormones in the blood – testosterone, insulin, somatotropin. The creation of certain conditions for the development of muscle mass resorting to third-party tools causes severe damage to the body in which the harm of bodybuilding is manifested.

influence of bodybuilding

Disadvantages of Bodybuilding

Often, a bodybuilder constantly has to take steroids (anabolic drugs with many side effects) and overuse proteins, without which it is difficult enough to build muscle. As a result of the use of such drugs, the body begins to develop unilaterally – the amount of muscles increases, and the development of internal organs slows down and wears out, unable to maintain the proper level of health. Some organs are overgrown with cholesterol fat, which is especially dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

The consequences of prolonged use of anabolic agents cause:

  • increase in blood pressure
  • headache
  • change in liver function
  • disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract
  • the formation of a large number of acne
  • hair loss
  • aggressiveness
  • depression
  • complete biochemical disorder in cells and decreased potency

The end result of prolonged intake of anabolics is the exhaustion of the nervous and hormonal systems, leading to a nervous breakdown.

These additives are expensive enough and give effect at a high dosage, but when the intake of steroids is over, the muscles will return to their previous state. This is only one part of the harm of bodybuilding for health. The second part is related to steroids.

The influence of bodybuilding on the body

That is, of course, not the sport itself influences, but the consequences that are caused by changes in our body by the peculiarities of any kind of sport. These consequences can be either positive or negative.

That’s why you need to try to reduce the negative consequences and increase the positive. And for this you need to know what impact the bodybuilding activities have on the health of the athlete.

Drawing conclusions, do not confuse bodybuilding with conventional training with weights, in which weights are much less than used in bodybuilding.

As a rule, when doing bodybuilding, maximum weights are used. After all, to maintain their physical shape, sometimes it is enough to use only half of the possible working weight in training, and sometimes even less.

Positive effect of bodybuilding on the body

1. This is certainly an increase in your physical strength. This happens even in cases when special strength training is not included in the training process. The growth of the strength indicators in this case occurs by itself. This is the effect of a constant increase in training weights.

2. As there is a reduction in the fat layer and replacement of this layer with a muscle corset. In athletic training, a large amount of energy is used, and much of this energy is taken from fat stores. With this method, there is no sagging of the skin, since the fat layer is replaced by a layer of muscles that have a high tone.

3. Endurance also increases. These are the consequences of regular exercise. They increase the overall endurance of the human body. And such changes are noticeable not only during training, but even in everyday life.

4. There is an increase in immunity and even getting rid of certain diseases. Regular exercises with weights will not only increase the overall resistance of your body to diseases of various kinds, but in some cases will also help to cure old chronic diseases.

This of course is primarily a variety of diseases of the spine. The training process, which is built right on the basis of your individual characteristics, will strengthen the muscle groups necessary to reduce the burden on the spine, and even in some cases will help correct some deformities.

The training and the breathing system are also as good. After all, the right breathing during the performance of bodybuilding exercises helps to remove excess fluid from the lungs, which allows you to warn against such diseases as bronchitis.

But these are only some positive aspects, and yet there are also negative ones.

The negative influence of bodybuilding on the body

It has long been known that exercise in bodybuilding can have a negative impact on human health. These are the consequences of factors such as working with extreme weights and saturation or, as athletes say, the intensity of the training process.

1. In the first place, of course, classes with limiting weights. The consequences of such training can be trauma, to complete disposal of the consequences of which can take more than one month. But this is provided that the injuries are not very serious. And I had to see the guys with their back destroyed in a few years.

Therefore, it is much easier to prevent such things than to heal from the consequences for many months. But prevention is simple: warm-up before training, properly selected clothes for training, that is, avoiding the hypothermia of the muscles, and carrying out an exercise test performed in the first approach using low weight.

Of course, if you are confident in yourself, then this does not apply to all exercises. But before making the deadlift and squats it is mandatory.

2. Diseases of joints and tendons also refer to negative consequences. After several years of active training with the limiting and circumscribed weights in the muscles and joints, there will be painful sensations. This is exactly the consequences of working with large scales. Some of these effects can be reduced with the help of special ointments and massages. Do not forget also about the full rest, hikes in the sauna and sauna.

3. Heart disease is also caused by too intense training, and, as you know, the heart is also a muscle. And so this muscle also needs rest, like any other. And most athletes forget about it.

With intensive training, the heart muscle should be given no less than 2 days of rest per week.

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